Record of Results

A Voice for All Homestead Residents

Fighting to keep us safe, lower costs, and create opportunities for ALL our children, families, and residents!

  • Stood up to irresponsible and uncontrolled development
  • Brought new business to Homestead, creating jobs for residents
  • Championed financial responsibility to keep taxes and fees low
  • Completed the Biscayne-Everglades trailway and multiple park improvement projects
  • Delivered real change by improving code enforcement and expanding city services
  • Created a dozen new police positions to fight crime and keep our families safe

  • Initiated a review of impact fees to ensure developers pay their fair share
  • Proposed legislation to provide better solid waste services, protecting current residents by requiring new developments to provide private waste management
  • Explored methods to reduce energy costs by turning our solid waste into low-cost energy
  • Proposed a moratorium to slow down residential growth to protect our infrastructure
  • Stood strong to reduce your local property tax rate